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Q10041 - HOWTO: Upgrade to a newer version of DotImage (Also, covers DotTwain, WingScan and DotPdf)

NOTE: this article refers to our .NEt Imaging SDKs (DotImage, DotTwain, WingScan, and DotPdf) if you're looking for upgrade help with our Java offerings (JoltImage, JavaWingScan, JoltImage Barcode Reading), Click here

  1. Download the latest version from our website (http://www.atalasoft.com/download/)
  2. Install the latest DotImage, be sure to re-activate your keys so that your licenses are also upgraded.
  3. Open up your solution, double check that you are referencing the newer versions by looking at the properties of the Atalasoft.dotImage reference and checking that the versions match what was installed in the bin sub-folder of the product installation folder. If not, be sure to reference the newer version for Atalasoft.dotImage and the other assemblies that depend on it such as Atalasoft.dotImage.WinControls, Atalasoft.dotImage.Jpeg2000, etc.

    Additionally, if you're building a web page that uses WingScan Web scanning, you need to make sure you update the WebCaptureResources in your project. Likewise, if you're using our WebDocumentViewer control, you need to update the WebDocumentViewerResources in your project. Finally, if you are using our ASP.NET web controls (WebAnnotationViewer, WebImageViewer and/or WebThumbnailViewer) and have manually defined a AtalasoftWebControls_ResourcePath in your web.config, you need to make sure to update the WebResouces files associated with the chosen directory.
  4. Rebuild the solution

If you are having problems rebuilding, such as a type initializer exception, you probably need to update your references to the latest of all dotImage assembilies.

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