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Q10057 - HOWTO: Print the image from the WebImageViewer web control
This article is outdated. The Legacy WebAnnotationViewer and WebImageViewer controls are not really suited to new / modern web develoment. We have an example of printing using these in the HTMLDocumentViewerDemo available from our legacy samples for an example of generating a self-printing PDF for client printing Q10412 - FAQ: Where Have All The Demos Gone? 

Instead, we recommend using the new HTML 5 WebDocumentViewer. There's an excellent printing example in the latest 11.1 version which can also be found in Q10412 - FAQ: Where Have All The Demos Gone? under Web Viewing Demo
In order to print the image from the WebImageViewer web control, you will need to launch a new browser window including just the image to print, then do a self.Print(); or window.Print(); in JavaScript to cause the browser to print.* You could also have the user choose File : Print from the browser.
Another method that customers have found useful for printing is to create another page that will stream the entire image to a PDF using the PdfEncoder in DotImage Professional.  This will then download the entire image to the client and into the free Adobe Acrobat reader which then can control the printing process.
Since the WebImageViewer web control is server side, there is no way for the image to be printed directly to the client's printer.
* In DotImage versions 2.0 and up, the WebImageViewer.Print() method handles this for you.
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