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Q10105 - ERRMSG: Common License Exceptions

There are a few reasons why licensing might fail with Atalasoft .NET components.  This article explains what those reasons are, and steps to take to resolve them.  The error message might be a messagebox that displays when compiling, or a LicenseException or AtalasoftLicenseException when running the application.

There have been problems in the past with buggy versions of the DotImage Activation Wizard.  If reactivating your serial number does not resolve your licensing problems, then install the latest version of the SDK to obtain the latest activation utility (or use the one attached to this article).

"Cannot find embedded license file at the location..."
This message indicates that a license cannot be found.  It will first look in the application path (for example bin/debug) and then look in the managed assemblies folder (for example c:\program files\common files\atalasoft\managed assemblies).  Activating a serial number or requesting an evaluation using the DotImage Activation Wizard with automatically place the license files into the managed assemblies folder.  If you are referencing an add-on such as the JPEG2000 Codec, you will need to have the appropriate license on your machine.

This message will also appear when the assembly has been distributed and the license files were not embedded into it.  Visual Studio will only embed the license files into an EXE project.  If the project is a DLL, your main EXE (which uses the DLL) must have the licenses embedded into it.

"License file version is out of date..."
This message indicates that the license file on your machine is for a version older than what is referenced in your project.  If you have an active gold support contract, you will need to re-activate your license file to obtain the updated license.  Otherwise, you will need to purchase an upgrade online or from our sales department.  The version tag in the license XML file must be equal to or greater than the version being referenced in the project.

"Invalid License File"
"Corrupt License File"
This message indicates that the license file is missing a tag due to an old or buggy DotImage Activation Wizard, or that the license file was modified and the signature fails.  To resolve this issue, install the latest SDK or run the activation utility attached to this article.

"License file not compatible with this machine ID..."
This means that the MachineID (MAC Address) does not match any MAC addresses on your machine.  This could be due to a hardware change, or moving to a new PC.  If you reactivate your serial number, it will regenerate your license file with the new machine ID.  Contact sales (sales@atalasoft.com or 1-781-743-2119 (select option 1 for sales) if you require additional activations).

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