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Q10135 - HOWTO: Install a License on a Server

A server serial number can be identified because it will contain an 'X' in the frist group of digits, such as "DIDX ... ", otherwise the serial number is for a Development SDK license.

A.  Bind the license to the Machine ID (or MAC address).  This is the simplest option and should be used for those who anticipate a changing IP address, but always on the same physical machine.

B. Bind the license to the Server's IP address.  This option should be used for those who anticipate changing the physical machine more often than the IP address.  When choosing the IP address, there may be more than one choice.  You want to bind to an IP address that is visible to the server locally.. in other words an IP that shows up when you issue an ipconfig command on a command line

It is not necessary to install DotImage to the server to register the license.  If you choose option A, you will need to copy the file "DotImageActivationWizard.exe" (from the install directory on a development machine) to the server and run it.  Otherwise, you can run the utility on any computer with an internet connection, and copy the license file to the server afterwards. 

Please follow these steps to activate the license.

1. After the wizard has started, click next.  This screen asks which action to perform.  Select "Activate an SDK serial number ..., or a server license", click next.
2. Enter your server serial number, click next.
3. When prompted client or server, ALWAYS choose server. Client is for certain deprecated/obsoleted use cases.
4. Now you must select the option (A or B) discussed above. Please select the appropriate one and click next.
5. You will now be prompted to save the license file.  Please choose a place to store the license file, and refer to the section below.
6. Your server is now licensed.

License File Placement

The license file should be located in your project's directory, in the same folder where the Atalasoft DLL's are located.  If you have more than one project running on the same server, you should put a COPY of the license file in each project's directory. 

License File Version

A license serial number may be good for current and previous versions, but you will need to run the activation wizard to generate a license file for the actual version of DotImage you are using.

If your serial numbers are under active maintenance, they should be good for the most current version.

Each license file is specific to a version such as 10.3 ..  This means that the license file will work with any version 10.3.x.xxxxx  You will only need a new license file if you upgrade major versions, i.e. going form 10.3 to 10.4 and so-on.

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