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Printing images using DotImage (ImagePrintDocument) or DotAnnotate (AnnotatePrintDocument) does not allow for printing of a specific page range other than all of the pages.  This article will explain how to work around this, focusing on the AnnotatePrintDocument class, but this can be easily translated to using on ImagePrintDocument.

Since the AnnotatePrintDocument class can only print all the the images it has, we must make an extra effort to enable printing of a page range.  The idea here is to simply create an AnnotatePrintDocument with only the pages we want to print in it.  Here are the steps we should take:

1.  Create an AnnotatePrintDocument with all images and annotations.
2.  Show the Printdialog to let the user select the print options.
3.  Create a new ImageCollection containing only the selected pages, and a new AnnotationController containing the corrasponding Annotation layers.
4.  Set the AnnotatePrintDocument to use the new ImageCollection and AnnotationController objects.
5.  Start the Printing. 

Although the most complicated step is creating the new Collection of Images and Annotations, this is still very straight forward.  The code listed below can be copied directly into the DotAnnotate Demo:


// STEP 1: Create annotatePrintDocument


annotatePrintDocument1.Annotations = this.annotateViewer1.Annotations;

annotatePrintDocument1.ScaleMode = Atalasoft.Imaging.WinControls.PrintScaleMode.FitToEdges;

annotatePrintDocument1.Center = false;


// STEP 2: Show the printer dialog.

PrintDialog dlg = new PrintDialog();

dlg.AllowSomePages = true;

dlg.Document = annotatePrintDocument1;

dlg.PrinterSettings.FromPage = 1;

dlg.PrinterSettings.ToPage = this.annotateViewer1.Images.Count;

dlg.PrinterSettings.MinimumPage = 1;

dlg.PrinterSettings.MaximumPage = this.annotateViewer1.Images.Count;

if (dlg.ShowDialog(this) == DialogResult.OK)


// if not printing all pages, create Image Collection

int fromPage = dlg.PrinterSettings.FromPage;

int toPage = dlg.PrinterSettings.ToPage;

// STEP 3: Create new ImageCollection and Annotationcontroler

AnnotationController ann = new AnnotationController();

int pageNumber = 0;

ImageCollection printImages = new ImageCollection();

for(int i = fromPage-1; i < toPage; i++)


printImages.Insert(pageNumber, this.annotateViewer1.Images[i]);

ann.Layers.Insert(pageNumber, this.annotateViewer1.Annotations.Layers[i]);




// STEP 4: Set new Images/annotations

annotatePrintDocument1.SetImagesFromImageCollection( printImages );

annotatePrintDocument1.Annotations = ann;


// STEP 5: Print the pages








' STEP 1: Create annotatePrintDocument
annotatePrintDocument1.Annotations = Me.annotateViewer1.Annotations
annotatePrintDocument1.ScaleMode = Atalasoft.Imaging.WinControls.PrintScaleMode.FitToEdges
annotatePrintDocument1.Center = False

' STEP 2: Show the printer dialog.
Dim dlg As PrintDialog =  New PrintDialog()
dlg.AllowSomePages = True
dlg.Document = annotatePrintDocument1
dlg.PrinterSettings.FromPage = 1
dlg.PrinterSettings.ToPage = Me.annotateViewer1.Images.Count
dlg.PrinterSettings.MinimumPage = 1
dlg.PrinterSettings.MaximumPage = Me.annotateViewer1.Images.Count

If dlg.ShowDialog(Me) = DialogResult.OK Then
  ' if not printing all pages, create Image Collection   
  Dim fromPage As Integer =  dlg.PrinterSettings.FromPage
  Dim toPage As Integer =  dlg.PrinterSettings.ToPage

  ' STEP 3: Create new ImageCollection and Annotationcontroler       
  Dim ann As AnnotationController =  New AnnotationController()
  Dim pageNumber As Integer =  0
  Dim printImages As ImageCollection =  New ImageCollection()
  Dim i As Integer
  For  i = fromPage-1 To  toPage- 1

   printImages.Insert(pageNumber, Me.annotateViewer1.Images(i))           
   ann.Layers.Insert(pageNumber, Me.annotateViewer1.Annotations.Layers(i))           
   pageNumber = pageNumber + 1
  ' STEP 4: Set new Images/annotations       
  annotatePrintDocument1.Annotations = ann
  ' STEP 5: Print the pages
End If

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