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WARNING Obsolete:

Atalasoft newer versions no longer support Silverlight web controls. Supports ability to assist in keeping existing Silverlight deployments working may be limited. No further fixes/updates will be issued for our Silverlight assemblies/controls

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The Silverlight demo installed with DotImage requires a couple steps before it will run correctly.

1.       Open the AtalasoftSilverlightDemo source solution.

2.       Right-click on the AtalasoftSilverlightDemo.Web project and select Set as Startup Project.

3.       Copy your developer or evaluation license (Atalasoft.dotImage.lic) into the AtalasoftSilverlightDemo.Web project folder.  You can find your licenses in the “C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Atalasoft” or “C:\Users\<username>\ AppData\Local\Atalasoft” folder, depending on your version of Windows.

After these steps you should be able to run the demo.  If you still have issues, be sure to check the Atalasoft references and make sure they are all pointing to the same versions.  You may also need to specify that Default.aspx as your start page.

Be aware that your SDK or evaluation license will only work when running from localhost.  You will need server licenses in order to deploy your application to a web server where they will be access by server name, IP address, or domain name.


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