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Q10388 - INFO: Steps required to use SharePoint web parts

There are a few extra steps required to use the Atalasoft DotImage SharePoint web parts that were introduced in Atalasoft DotImage version 10.4.

The SharePoint web parts are licensed a bit differently than the rest of the web controls, in order to evaluate or deploy with the SharePoint you will need to contact sales@atalasoft.com or your account manager to have a license file for SharePoint created.

SharePoint Licensing

To license the Atalasoft Web Capture SharePoint web part the license file with at least a WingScan server license needs to be added to the hidden document library called KofaxWebCaptureLicensing.

The licensing document library would be at:
http://<the site location>/KofaxWebCaptureLicensing

Sharepoint Document Viewing Configuration

Setting the Document to be Viewed:
After the web part has been installed, and added to the desired list in the Kofax Web Capture web part menu select "Edit Web Part". When the edit menu has opened under the Miscellaneous heading set the path to the document that is to be viewed.

Example: Provided that there is an existing file called swell.jpg in an existing Document library called "Documents"

Enter: /Documents/swell.jpg

Please take a moment to find the SharePoint section in our developer guide for more information on installing and configuring the SharePoint web parts introduced in Atalasoft DotImage 10.4

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