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Q10396 - INFO: JBoss Application server license errors

It is not typical for servers to have wireless network adapters, however if you happen to be using JBoss as a server for development/testing, you may run into the following situation:

When activating a license using the activation wizard, the application will seek out local network adapters and whichever one it finds first, it will tie the license to (Bind to Machine ID).

If that network adapter happens to be a wireless network adapter, GlassFish, Tomcat, and other servers seem to work fine, but if that server is JBoss , you receive a licensing error similar to this:

 "com.atalasoft.licensing.AtalasoftLicenseException: The license is invalid. ---Please contact Atalasoft technical support at www.atalasoft.com---"



JBoss simply ignores wireless adapters when enumerating local network adapters. Thus, if your license bound to the MAC ID of a wireless adapter, then it will appear to be invalid when Jboss checks.


  • Before running the activation wizard, ensure that you're using a wired network and temporarily disable your wireless network adapter(s) and disconnect from vpn connections.
  • Run the license wizard and generate a new license.
  • Open the file in a text editor * and double check that the MachineID field matches that of a wired network adapter that shows up under ipconfig /all and not a wireless one or a VPN.
  • Disable errant adapters and repeat until this succeeds.
  • Now, you will have a license that will be valid so long as the network adapter it bound to is disabled.
  • You can now re-enable your other adapters .

NOTE: DO NOT modify the license files provided or they will be invalidated, but you can go ahead and read them in a text editor just fine

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