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Q10453 - INFO: 11.0 Full Release Notes

This is a full list of itemized release notes for through (all 5 releases ..initial release and fixpacks) here are the links for other major releases


PLEASE NOTE: a site redesign in 2015 lost all previous release notes... the best we can offer for earlier are notes in our Legacy Downloads page:
Q10413 - FAQ: Where Can I Find Legacy Downloads (Older DotImage Versions)

Atalasoft publishes release notes in our main site on each release in the following location:


However, the structure of these articles is not terribly friendly when looking for "What specific version introduced this fix/change" as you have to read each one separately and each one contains some "changes previously fixed".

This is a summation of each fix by version in one place for easy searching. You can use CTRL+F to search for a specific phrase or word.. or just browse them in order from most recent to earliest

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

(11.0, Fix Pack 4) Release Notes
January 3, 2018 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • Multiple Security Improvements
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #6
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #5
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #4
    • KTA7.3.2 - Core Worker Service crashed when importing jp2 file in the email attachment
    • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #1
    • Unchecked Error Condition (CWE ID 391) #1
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #3
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #2
    • Improper Resource Shutdown or Release (CWE ID 404) #1
    • Insecure Temporary File (CWE ID 377) #2
    • Insecure Temporary File (CWE ID 377) #1
    • Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611) #2
    • Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference ('XXE') (CWE ID 611) #1
    • Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm (CWE ID 327) #11
    • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #4
    • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #3
    • Insufficient Entropy (CWE ID 331) #2
    • Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an OS Command ('OS Command Injection')
  • Calling PdfEncoder with Mode = PdfCompressionMode.Segmented throws exception on customer image

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

(11.0, Fix Pack 3) Release Notes
December 1, 2017 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • KTA 7.4.1: Canon DR-X10C TWAIN- A3 papers are cut off when scanning with profile paper size = maximum size
  • [WDV][WDT] Drawing of annotations works incorrectly when WDT is located in main browser window while WDV is located in child popup window
  • Thumbnails 404 Error when uploading/scanning Large files
  • Memory leak in Tesseract3 OcrEngine
  • [TiffDecoder] Tiff images with CCITT 1D (RLE) compression are not reading correctly
  • [Jp2Encoder] Setting WaveletFilterMethod to FiveThree causes encoder to throw exception on save

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

(11.0, Fix Pack 2) Release Notes
November 1, 2017 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • Value was either too large or too small for an unsigned byte.
  • [WebAnnotationViewer],[WebImageViewer],[WebThumbnailViewer] Web Resource files (extracted scripts etc) are mssing from 11.0
  • field transparency cannot be maintained after writing to the field programmatically
  • PDF generated using SyncFusion API are being corrupted by PdfDocument
  • DotTwain- ExtendedImageInfo not firing while using TWSX_FILE
  • OfficeDecoder throwing "Page limit exceeded" on large RTF files when getting page count
  • [WDV] Autoscale option of text annotation is not preserved during saving.
  • [DotTwain] Unable to handle DataType TW_HANDLE per TWAIN 2.1 spec
  • [WDV] atalaWebDocumentViewer.js clipboard code as anonymous module interferes with other dependencies
  • PdfReader doesn't respect default state for optional content groups

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

(11.0, Fix Pack 1) Release Notes
October 4, 2017 Atalasoft General

Problems Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • [OfficeDecoder] Extra empty page appears in output file as some content “moves” to the next page on the document
  • Invalid PDF property value is causing an exception when saving PDF
  • AutoCad stamp annotations cannot be parsed correctly
  • [Abbyy] ABBYY Engine properties remain unset during page text analysis
  • [DotTwain] Cancelling a scan leaves driver in unexpected state with Paperstream driver
  • [WDV] Text annotation not respecting align property
  • [WDV] Selecting all Annotations in a document causes 'Cannot read property '_index' of null'
  • [EZTwain] TWAIN_SetCustomDataFromFile fails if called a second time in same application if the device is VRS Elite
  • ADA tags are switched off when PDF files are saved with linearization tag

Atalasoft DotImage Release Notes 11.0

September 15, 2017 Atalasoft General
Atalasoft DotImage Release Notes 11.0

The release notes give you late-breaking information about Atalasoft DotImage 11.0. Please read
this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotImage
Version Information

The build number for Atalasoft DotImage 11.0 is

New Features

The following features were added to Atalasoft DotImage in version 11.0:

Web Document Viewer improvements

  • Refresh page: Provided the ability to have the Web Document Thumbnailer / Web Document Viewer reload one specific page such that performing a server side operation does not require calling openUrl for the entire document.
  • Burn Annotations: Provided the ability to easily make one or more annotations permanently "merged" with the underlying image on the page using client side operations in WDV.
  • Multiple Document Support: Added the possibility to include more than one Thumbnail viewer in the solution without the requirement to have more than one Document viewer. This makes it possible to create a multi-document "navigation" thumbnail viewer with events available for implementing drag and drop support to move pages between documents.
  • ASP .NET Core Support: Added sever side support for the WDV and WCS to support ASP.NET Core applications.

Performance improvements

  • TWAIN Memory Transfer mode support: Added support for Memory Transfer mode, which leverages hardware image compression for TWAIN devices. This allows for dramatically increased scanning efficiency for color and grayscale images.
  • Support multi-processor parallel processing to speed up OCR: Added support for the ABBYY OCR engine’s multi-processor parallel processing mode, thus allowing several images to go through recognition at once, and greatly speeding up the OCR process for scans of lengthy documents composed of dozens or hundreds of pages.

ABBYY OCR enhancements

  • Auto Rotate feature support: Leverages the ABBYY OCR engine's ability to recognize invalid image rotation and fix it before recognition.
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts support: Leverages the ABBYY OCR engine's ability to recognize text printed with E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts.

Documentation improvements

  • JavaScript API Reference docs: JavaScript related content has been redesigned and moved from the Developer's Guide to GitHub Pages for both WDV and WCS.
  • ISIS API Reference documentation: Provided a description for the IsisSettings Class in the API Reference.

Issues Resolved in 11.0

This section contains information about issues that have been resolved in Atalasoft DotImage since the prior release of this product.

The following issues were resolved in this release.

  • Anno property of eventObj was documented incorrectly (875861)
  • Table layout grid incorrect (733382)
  • WDV page rotate returned error when rotating first page (694948)
  • OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat returned false for Word odt documents (673959)
  • Certain Word documents with Chinese and or Japanese characters were flagged as having an invalid format by OfficeDecoder.IsValidFormat. (673958)
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