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Q10491 - FAQ: Which Scanners are suported by DotImage?

For our DotTwain and WingScan components, they are TWAIN scanning toolkits and any TWAIN compliant scanner with a real TWAIN driver should work

NOTE: We do not support WIA "drivers" - a scanner installed on a windows PC that shows up with WIA- in front of its name is not a true TWAIN driver, it's windows emulating one and while it may work we do not officially support WIA

Bitness (x86/x64)

The one big thing to keep in mind is "bitness". Atalasoft dlls come in x86 and x64 and a 64 bit process can not see 32 bit scanners and vice versa.. there are virtually no scanners on the market with 64 bit native drivers.. many will say "for windows x86/x64" but are really just x86

if you choose to build x64, you are limited in only seeing x64 native scanners which.. very few exist.

Q10346 - FAQ: Common Problems with x64 TWAIN Scanning

Citrix Support

As for supported under Citrix, you have to change how you work with it. For a start, Citrix must be set up to redirect TWAIN if the scanners are on the users desktop. We can not directly support Citrix, so you will need to ensure you have done this.

For DotTwain, you must write your application code slightly differently:
Q10238 - HOWTO: Scan through Citrix

For WingScan if the scanners, the web capture service must be installed as a service..

Please see the section under Multi-User Environments for details
Q10409 - INFO: WebCapture Service Technical Overview

So, we do not have any specific list. We are TWAIN compliant toolkit and the issue of scanner support comes down to the scanner having a properly written TWAIN driver. The vast majority of TWAIN issues are related to improper / outdated / missing drivers from the scanner manufacturer.

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