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Q10192 - HOWTO: Issue with new or updated license files.

In version 5.0 of the Atalasoft Dotimage software package we made a modification to the DotImage Activation Wizard. There is now a “Search and clean Atalasoft License Files”. This feature was put in to help with situations of multiple license files on systems.  We have seen that if you have multiple versions of the license files on your system it can cause issue to arise with upgrading or adding additional option packages to DotImage. If you have recently purchased the full version of the software or an add-on module or even just upgraded from one version to another you may run into an issue with old license files causing a problem.  Please follow the steps listed below to correct this issue.



1.       Run the DotImage Activation Wizard (Start -> Program Files -> Atalasoft DotImage X -> Activate DotImage X) choose the “Search and clean Atalasoft license files”.

2.        Let this search you system and have it delete any files that it finds

3.        Once that has happened please re-run the activation utility one more time and re-register your serial code(s). This will place the updated and correct license file in the correct location.
(if you have a server license you will need to place the files in the correct locations, most likely the “bin” directory of your application)

4.       If you have an existing project you will need to do a “Rebuild” not just a build (to do a rebuild right click you solution in Visual Studio and choose the “Rebuild” option.

If after you try the above you are still having issues with a project you are working on not seeing updated license files. Please follow the steps below.

1.       Close visual studio.

2.       Locate your project (do this at a file level not from within visual studio) and remove the “bin” and “obj” directory’s from the project.

3.       Once you have done the above build your project.

4.       You should now be all set if not please contact technical support for further assistance.

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