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Q10231 - HOWTO: How to use ProcMon to debug OCR Resources issues

Install ProcMon if you don't have it:




Here are the instructions for using it.


1.       Run ProcMon

2.       Turn off capturing, File->Capture Events (make sure to uncheck it)

3.       Set a filter (Filter->Filter…) then choose

Path contains GlyphReaderEngine.exe

4.       Click Add

5.       Choose,

Path contains (whatever your exe is named)

6.       Click Add

7.       Click OK

8.       Turn on capturing, File->Capture Events (make sure you are checking it)

9.       Run your application. 

10.  Once you have gotten the error, turn off capturing (File->Capture Events)


There will be times when your application is trying to find GlyphReaderEngine.exe and the other resources.  Make sure that succeeds.  There should be lines where GlyphReaderEngine.exe tries to load resources files -- make sure that succeeds.


If you are having problems figuring out what is happening, save a log and open a support case with us and attach the log.


For a more detailed look at ProcMon, please see Q10394 - HOWTO: Using ProcMon to collect diagnostic information

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