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Q10375 - HOWTO: Manually installing Atalasoft DotImage help in to Visual Studio 2012

NOTE: This article refers to DotImage 10.3 specifically. Current help for 10.4 available on our Help Install Link should work correctly in VS2012 and VS2013

This guide will walk you through manually installing the Atalasoft DotImage help files in to the Visual Studio 2012 Help Viewer.

First, download and unextract the files from the linked zip file. It is attached at the end of this article under "Related External Links" and is named vs2012_help_files.zip. Make sure to extract it in a folder you can easily navigate back to.

Launch the Visual Studio 2012 Help Viewer. It should be under your start menu in All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 -> Microsoft Help Viewer

There is a "Manage Content" tab above the main viewer, click it.


Next, make sure your "Installation source:" is set to "Disk", then choose the button with "..." to navigate to your extracted help files.

Then you simply choose "Add" under Action and then the "Update" button and you should be all set.

If you receive a message saying the content has been signed by Kofax, Inc. you will need to click "Yes" to continue installing the help.

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