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Q10387 - HOWTO: Cancel Creation of Annotations in WebAnnotationViewer control (Legacy Web Controls)

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This article references our legacy Web Forms Web Viewing controls (WebImageViewer, WebAnnotationViewer, WebThumbnailViewer). It is preserved for archival purposes, but support strongly recommends using our modern HTML5 web controls: WebDocumentViewer, WebDocumentThumbnailer instead)


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Sometimes, it is necessary to abort/cancel the user/interactive creation of an annotation on our WebAnnotationViewer after it has begun.

For example: a user starts creating a highlight annotation, but drags the mouse off the control and clicks on a different page in the WebThumbnailViewer; technically, annotation creation is still occurring back on the previous page/layer.

Adding a handler for WebThumbnailViewer1.SelectedIndexChanged  that will call WebAnnotationViewer1.CancelCreateAnnotation();   will stop the creation of the initial annotation without leaving a partial annotation on the existed page.

WebThumbnailViewer1.SelectedIndexChanged = CancelCreation;

function CancelCreation() {


This is also useful when you wish to give the user the option to manually cancel interactive creation. You can make a simple button with a call to this will cancel the current creation:

<input type="button" id="btn_CancelAnnotation" value="Cancel" onclick="WebAnnotationViewer1.CancelCreateAnnotation(); return false;" />

(note the use of return false; to keep the button from posting back - this is important to the proper functioning of our WebAnnotationViewer/WebThumbnailViewer controls.


NOTE: This article is specifically about our ASP.NET web control: WebAnnotationViewer. For cancelation of interactive annotation creation in a WinForms solution using our AnnotateViewer control, please see KB 10112

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