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As of version 10.6, Atalasoft's WebDocumentThumbnailer (WDT) control now offers a "tabular" option for allowing thumbnails to be displayed as multiple columns and/or rows.

Configuration Options

Config.tabular : Boolean
Show the pages in multiple columns or rows if there is room
default: false

Config.columns : Int
Splits the available width to show n columns when scrolling vertically
-1 indicates "automatic" where the viewer will do its best to determine optimal value
default: -1

Config.rows : Int
Splits the available height to show n rows when scrolling horizontally
-1 indicates "automatic" where the viewer will do its best to determine optimal value
default: -1

Config.thumbsize : Int
Initial thumb size to start the thumbnailer at, default will allow the thumbnail to fit to width (which will cause Tabular/grid to fail to flow properly)

Config.direction : String
Determines the direction of scrolling/flow... valid values are:
default: 'vertical'

Sample Project

Attached to this KB article is an extremely minimal VS solution that shows a WebDocumentThumbnailer with two columns, scrolling vertically.

NOTE: The solution includes the WebDocViewer resources from ( - this is the minimum suggested version of DotImage for using WebDocumentViewer/WebDocumentThumbnailer.

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