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Q10454 - INFO: Changes to PDF Rendering Library (Foxit to PdfIum)

Starting in, Atalasoft replaced the underlying Foxit library used for PDF rendering (PdfReader a.k.a. PdfDecoder) and PDF Text Extraction (PdfTextDocument and related classes)

Users with existing PdfReader licenses (PRP2 / PRPX2 serials) were provided with new PRP2 / PRPX2 serials for use in 11.0

As of September 2018, our contractual relationship with Foxit will end, and the old PDF Reader libraries used in 10.7 and older will no longer be sold or supported.

What does this mean for you:

If you purchased DotImage PdfReader add-on after the release of 11.0 and are using 11.0 or newer along with PRP2 and/or PRPX2 serials, nothing changes for you.

If you were under active maintenance and had existing PdfReader licenses (PRS2 / PRSX2 serials) you should have received your updated PRP2 / PRPX2 serials.. If you have not, you can create a support case with your existing PRS2 / PRSX2 serial and a request for your 11.0 replacements and they will be provided.

In any case, if you're actively developing and deploying with 11.0 or newer, you likely will not see any changes  (except for very special circumstances .. in those cases if you have a special case where you've been granted a temporary waiver to use Foxit engine in 11.0, please contact support)

If you're using an existing license under an older product (10.7 or older) and your licenses are under active maintenance, you can continue to use the older version (though support always suggests staying current for the best features and all the latest bug fixes).

However, if you have existing PRS2 / PRSX2 licenses and pre-11.0 deployments and require additional SDK or DEV/Build or server licenses, we can no longer sell serials for those components.. You would need to acquire new PRP2/PRPX2 serials and upgrade your applications to use 11.0.


If you have any questions about how this change will affect you, your applications, your developers, your licensing, etc.. please create a support case or reach out to your Atalasoft sales representative and we will assist you.

As always, if you need help in upgrading to 11.0 please create a support case and we will assist you.

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