Purchase FAQ

Answers to common questions about purchasing Atalasoft products.

How many SDKs/Server licenses do I need, etc.?

  • The development SDK includes a license for one developer.
  • Each additional developer requires a Dev/Build License (at one half the price of the SDK.)
  • DotImage can be used to develop an unlimited number of desktop applications. As long as maintenance is in place on all your development SDKs, you may distribute to desktops with no royalty payments. Some add-on SDKs may require runtime royalties.
  • Any developer using an Atalasoft assembly to compile must have their own dev/build license.
  • Server licenses for DotImage or DotImage Add-ons are required when deploying to a browser or to the web. Each server requires its own license.
  • For more than 10 servers, you may qualify for our OEM licensing which is a single yearly fee for unlimited server deployment. Please contact Sales for more information.
  • COM callable deployment requires a custom license agreement, contact Sales for licensing.

Why do I need maintenance?

Every SDK and server license that you buy includes one full year of maintenance and lets you deploy applications, get support, and receive upgrades to major/minor versions of our SDKs. More information can be found on our maintenance page.

What are valid forms of payment?

We accept all major credit cards and wire transfers. Call or e-mail our sales team for all queries. Call 866-568-0129 or +1-413-572-4443 extension 1.

I would like a quote. Can you provide me with one?

Sure, contact Sales and let us know which products you would like a quote for. For a quick estimate, check off the products on the Purchase page, and look at the total on the bottom, or continue to the cart to see each line item you selected.

Are there any international resellers near my country?

Look at the international resellers page to fine the one closest to you. These companies are licensed resellers that you can trust.

I'm still confused..

That's OK - Please call us at 1-866-568-0129 or 413-572-4443, or contact Sales to get your questions answered.

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