Unlimited Server Deployment Licensing

If you're deploying your Atalasoft-powered app to multiple servers per year, this option is for you.

  • Unlimited deployment to desktops and servers
  • Development SDKs are included
  • Flexible and simple payment options
  • No need to report on server deployments
  • FInancing now available

Interested?  Contact one of our sales team members:

  • U.S. Phone: 1-866-568-0129 x1
  • International Phone: +1-413-572-4443
  • Email: sales@atalasoft.com

Read about what some of our customers have to say about their experience with our Unlimited Server Deployment Licensing:


Capel English - CTO, Holon Solutions:
"At Holon Solutions, we create products that automate processes.  As imaging technologies evolve, we want to stay innovative.  We looked for an imaging component vendor who could provide tools that are easy-to-use, scalable, and have a licensing model that fits our business model.  Atalasoft met our needs on all three accounts."

"Our developers got up to speed quickly, the product's performance exceeded our expectation and their licensing model did not encumber us with server/CPU-based fees or painful license tracking requirements."


Mike Wolfel - CTO, Savana, Inc.:
"Savana's IPM solution is entirely web based - allowing virtually anyone, anywhere to participate in a business process - including third parties and your clients."

"We reviewed the marketplace for a native .NET based imaging toolkit with advanced viewing and processing capability that could be deeply embedded into our overall solution, while not requiring local software installation for our global user base.  Atalasoft's DotImage provided everything we needed while being the most cost-effective option in terms of initial costs, as well as ongoing licensing and support."


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