About Atalasoft

For over ten years, Atalasoft has provided imaging libraries to help software developers build document scanning, viewing, and processing into their applications. We help by reducing development time and eliminating expenses by offering fixed-price, royalty-free licensing for many of our products. We also specialize in zero-footprint imaging technologies, allowing applications to be more competitive, easier to use, and 100% web-based. For two years in a row, Atalasoft was listed as one of Inc. Magazine's 100 fastest-growing software companies in the US and has been a member of many industry organizations including AIIM and ARMA.

Atalasoft is currently an honorary TWAIN working group board member.

Our flagship product Atalasoft DotImage powers over 2,000 document management, ECM, and EMR applications built by ISVs, System Integrators, and Enterprises deployed to millions of end-users worldwide. Industries that Atalasoft serve include healthcare, financial services, legal, government, education, and manufacturing. Atalasoft DotImage has been ported to Java and that product is called Atalasoft JoltImage. A product that developers use to build web scanning into their web portals is Atalasoft WingScan, available for both .NET and Java. These core products, along with other add-on and PDF-centric SDKs, are all provided to developers to make their lives easier and to stay competitive.

Atalasoft is headquartered in Easthampton, Massachusetts. In May 2011, Atalasoft became a part of Kofax plc., the leading provider of innovative smart capture and process automation software and solutions for the business critical First Mile of customer interactions.

About Kofax



Kofax is a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile™ of customer interactions. These begin with an organization’s systems of engagement, which generate real time, information intensive communications from customers, and provide an essential connection to their systems of record, which are typically large scale, rigid enterprise applications and repositories not easily adapted to more contemporary technology. Success in the First Mile can dramatically improve an organization’s customer experience and greatly reduce operating costs, thus driving increased competitiveness, growth and profitability. Kofax software and solutions provide a rapid return on investment to more than 20,000 customers in banking, insurance, government, healthcare, business process outsourcing and other markets. Kofax delivers these through its own sales and service organization, and a global network of more than 800 authorized partners in more than 75 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit kofax.com.

Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Subsidiaries: 30 countries
Employees: >1,200
Channel Partners: 800+
Products: Available in 70+ countries
Customers: 20,000+
London Stock Exchange: KFX


Customer and Developer Focus

Atalasoft is dedicated to providing the industry’s best customer service. We hire only the top software developers to support our customers and enhance our products. Our developer support team is dedicated to your success and, should you need help, will directly assist you so you can quickly meet your project requirements. Our Agile development philosophy means that we add features to our product frequently, and each update is rigorously tested through automated and manual tests as part of our commitment to quality.

Thought Leadership

Our employees are recognized thought leaders in the industry, sharing their knowledge on software development, C#, .NET, ECM, best business practices and entrepreneurship through various employee blogs.

A word about our company name...

Atala ButterflyOur company's name and logo is derived from the rare Atala butterfly located in southern Florida. This butterfly was thought to be extinct in the 1970s. (photo courtesy of the City of Coconut Creek, Florida).

Atalasoft has been a Microsoft Partner since 2003, and a Gold Certified Partner since 2007. Kofax, our parent company, is a Microsoft Global Partner.

Atalasoft is a board member of the Twain Working Group.

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