Brendan Day, Director, Sales & Marketing   LinkedIn

BrendanBrendan joined Atalasoft in 2010 to help lead and grow the Atalasoft Sales team.  He brings two decades of software sales experience to Atalasoft, 10 of which are in the imaging toolkit space.  As Director of Sales and Marketing, Brendan’s primary goal is to keep Rick from falling asleep.  Brendan is the proud father of two and is very happy that his beautiful wife keeps him around.  Brendan served as a member of the Board of Directors for Sutton Youth Soccer, enjoys coaching youth soccer, and running 5K and 10K road races.

Steve Hawley, Chief Architect    LinkedIn Stack Overflow

SteveSteve has been with Atalasoft since 2005. Not only is he responsible for the architecture and development of DotImage, he is one of the masterminds behind Bacon Day. The only employee with a working stoplight in his office, Steve has over 20 years of experience with companies like Bell Communications Research, Adobe Systems, Newfire, Presto Technologies. He has several patents under his belt and fears that his son Stuart will one day take over the world, leaving a smoking trail of ruin behind him.

Rick Goudey, Sr. Sales Account Executive    LinkedIn

RickRick Goudey joined Atalasoft in 1928, bringing his knowledge and skills learned from Henry Ford to propel Atalasoft’s sales team to infinity and beyond.  As the senior sales executive, he cracks the wet noodle daily over his subordinates, hoping that one day they will learn the skills he acquired from such universities as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and anywhere else he could break into.  His discipline, as well as his belief he can fly off roofs, were acquired after years in the Army Air Corps, er, United States Air Force.

Marco Voegele, Sr. Sales Account Executive, EMEA

MarcoMarco: the man, the myth, the legend. Marco was recently released by a German psychiatric hospital after an unfortunate umlaut mix-up. He’s now opted for a quieter life: decorating his home with IKEA furnishings, selling DotImage to our overseas customers, traveling the Autobahn only by unicycle, and secretly plotting the demise of the Marco/Polo game.

Asia Joann Hemingway, Sales Account Executive    LinkedIn

JoannJoann has been with Atalasoft since 2008. She attained a BS in Marketing at Western New England College. Away from the office, you can most likely find her outside MacGuvering up a new gadget of sorts, spiking volleyballs in the sand, boating in and basking in the sun, snowboarding, and/or spending time with the loves of her life: Ryan, her husband and much better other half and Cadha, her German Shepherd puppy, personal jester, and guardian.

Dan Kaplan, Sales Account Executive    

DanAs a child actor on the TV basketball drama The White Shadow, Dan received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Capicola, the precocious younger brother of Salami. Despite his early success in acting, Dan abandoned the limelight to pursue a deeper passion in Document Imaging Software Sales. When he’s not helping companies integrate imaging solutions into their business applications, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and coaching youth basketball and baseball.

Kevin Hanks, Inside Sales Representative    LinkedIn

HanksAfter making his Broadway debut in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and winning a Tony award for ‘Under the Rainbow’, Kevin Hanks decided to retire from the stage in 2010 for a quiet life as the Inside Sales Rep. and renewals department for Atalasoft. When he’s not making another Ewok movie for George Lucas, he can be found camping with his Babe and Babe, Jr. He is totally related to Tom Hanks.

Mark Goldblatt, Lead Development Representative    LinkedIn

MarkMark is one of Atalasoft’s newest, and if you squint just right, best looking employees. Mark spent over ten years in the printing industry before taking the plunge into the SDK world with Atalasoft in December of 2013. The vast majority of Mark’s ingenious ideas stem from osmosis through his dog Bear, a 13 year old Border Collie (who is really the one in charge), and his young daughter Sam (who frequently reminds him how little he knows). With that as the sounding board for his reality, he trudges through life humming the James Bond theme, looking for adventure, or at least a hot cup of coffee.

Rachael Battis, Office Manager   

RachaelRachael is Atalasoft’s best diver. With a knack for office administration that can only be described with phrases like “arm stand back double somersault tuck!” Rachael helps to keep us from slipping off of the springboard to success and landing on our heads. She has a B.A. in Economics and some say she once beat Paul Krugman at arm-wrestling! She also loves boating, the beach, fishing, skiing, and other liquid-or-frozen-water activities. Rachael joined us in late 2012 and is the one you reach when you dial 0 in our phone tree.

Eric Deutchman, Marketing Manager    LinkedIn

EricEric is the Atalasoft toolkit marketing tactical wizard and takes care of some of the public-facing aspects of the company like website content, our newsletter, ad direction, and our Twitter and Facebook pages. He is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional; he's not really sure what it means. He got a certificate though, so he wins! Eric's horribly obsessed with his car, and has multiple versions of it rolling around on his desk. His wife loves traveling which is great because he'd otherwise probably never leave his PC games. Eric's been with Atalasoft since 2007. That was last decade!

Rick Casucci, Sr. Marketing Specialist   LinkedIn

RickFollowing a short stint as the bassist for the Slayer cover band “Jack McCoy Can’t Lose,” Rick settled down in the Berkshires.  After meditating with the Dalai Lama, he finally made his decision to pursue a profession in marketing. He spends 80% of his time asking Eric to talk about something other than his car, and the other 20% designing t-shirts with bacon on them.  Rick loves movies and his family, not necessarily in that order.   

Kevin Hulse, Associate Solutions Enablement Specialist

HulseKevin joined Atalasoft in 2008 as a Developer Support Engineer. He has since taken his knowledge of customer issues over to the toolkit development side of Engineering. He can also be found organizing, captaining, and playing softball for the Atalasoft Docubot Squad. Of the two Kevins in our office, he is referred to as "Tall Kevin," due to his 1/4" height advantage.  He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts. 

Ken Walpurgis, Software Engineer    LinkedIn

KenKen joined Atalasoft in 2007.  He is the main developer responsible for Atalasoft's website and internal systems.  Ken started web development with Cold Fusion back in the 90's and made the transition to Java and .NET. Ken can pretty much do anything, rarely complains, and often brings in copious amounts of muffins, leading several employees to refer to him as a "freaking magician." He holds a BS in Computer Science from Westfield State.

David Cilley, Senior Web Architect    LinkedIn

CilleyIn 2002, before the lone Bill Bither decided to double his workforce, David pushed pixels for Atalasoft's logos, ads, and website.  Shortly after starting in early 2003, David realized that pushing pixels around wasn't nearly difficult enough, and started to work on cross browser imaging controls.  Now with a total of 14 years experience in web development, he continues work on these controls and spends most of his day cursing at any given browser.  To unwind from the browser world, David can be found running on the local bike path, training for his next marathon and being expressive with just his eyebrows.

Spike McLarty, Senior Software Architect   LinkedInStack Overflow

SpikeSpike joined Atalasoft at the start of 2011, fresh from a decade running his (one person) company Dosadi, creating tools for TWAIN scanning and image processing, and writing the odd TWAIN driver. Before that, Spike climbed the technical ladder at Logitech for about 14 years, building compilers, image editors, TWAIN drivers, and a variety of applications. It adds up to about 20 years of Windows development experience. Spike has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, but don’t ask him to design anything electrical, as it will melt or explode. Unless that’s what you want.

Adam Scarborough, Software Architect    LinkedInTwitter

Adam S.Sometimes tester, occasional developer.  Math-y & Statistic-y.


Justin Aquadro, Software Engineer

JustinCoke or Pepsi? Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? DO NOT ASK JUSTIN THESE QUERIES. The pressure will get to him and his brain will implode. Justin has a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UMass and was the first employee hired through Atalasoft's "Let's Buy UMass Students Pizza and Wings and Give Them Free Stuff" program.

Adam Daniell, Software Engineer    LinkedIn

DaniellAdam, a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, joined the Atalasoft team in 2010. Adam holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering. His son and daughter have THE CUTEST CHEEKS EVER.

Dave Terrell, Software Engineer    

Dave TerrellDave originally came to the team in 2008. After a short stint flying R/C helicopters into the sun (it's harder than it looks), he blew off that hobby and returned in 2013. Dave is part of our special R&D team and will reside near Kofax headquarters in Irvine.

Alex Huck, Software Engineer    LinkedIn

AlexAlex joined the team in 2013 as vigilante NERF expert, "Rusty Nail." He can be heard tip-toeing around and OH GOD MY EYE--

Elaine Gorham, Training & Support Manager    LinkedInTwitter

ElaineElaine Gorham is the Training & Support Manager for Atalasoft.  We don't call her Elaine, we just say "Yes, ma'am."  Her background in development started with Byte magazine and Basic in 1982 on an Atari 800, plus copying (to his displeasure) anything her big brother could do, and taking apart his Lego cars.  She holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Houston (and was thisclose to a second degree in English). She devotes her spare time to finding new sports (and trying not to injure herself), playing the violin, entertaining her husband, two dogs, cat, and a new little one, and putting fish references into her blog.

Shannon Callaway, Sr. Technical Support Engineer    

ShannonShannon joined the team in early 2013 after years of successful tradeshow modeling stints and fighter jet training. With qualifiecations in MCTS, MCSE, IT management, and overall great developer support, Shannon is ready for any tough SDK questions that come in. Bring it!

Robin Sale, Developer Support Engineer

RobinOne of the following things could be true about Robin: she will regularly wear pirate garb on any given day, she owns a custom Mini-Cooper, she named her bamboo plant Fluffy, she goes out into the woods on a regular basis and hits other people with sticks, or she bleeds pure caffeine. Or they could ALL be true. The verdict is still out. In any case, she’s passionate about supporting our customers and that’s all that matters.  

Stewart Basler-Francis, Developer Support Engineer

StewartEr... forget?



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