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  • Core Medical Solutions creates solutions that enhance healthcare delivery and responsiveness
    “The key component of our software that utilizes Atalasoft is our scanned medical record." Full article 

  • Foray Technologies develops a comprehensive suite of sophisticated evidence management products
    “Having Atalasoft allows us to focus on value, and add features specific to our client base. We’re leaps and bounds ahead of our competition in terms of functionality—absolutely unmatched by any of our competitors, directly because of DotImage." Full article 

  • INFOCON develops custom county government software with Atalasoft DotImage
    Atalasoft DotImage Modernizes Custom County Government Software Developed at INFOCON Corporation Full article 

  • FileHold creates feature-rich document management software at an affordable price.
    “Atalasoft’s DotImage has enabled us to offer the browser-based scanning solution that our customers were looking for.” Full article 

  • Envōc saves the State of Louisiana lots of money with their custom ECM application
    The Louisiana State Land Office was spending around $29,000 USD per year in IBM FileNet and consultancy support fees.They hired Louisiana-based Envoc to create some custom software to replace their expensive legacy ECM system. Full article 

  • DotImage Streamlines County Register of Deeds (And Wins Awards)
    Atalasoft's DotImage SDK has a happy home in Richland County, S.C., where it shepherds hundreds of thousands of pages of public documents a year through and beyond a vital government office. Full article 

  • Thomson Elite Case Study; Atalasoft DotImage Powers a Second Generation Imaging Solution for the Legal Industry
    The team at Thomson Elite used DotImage Document Imaging and Barcode Reader to create a zero-footprint thin client image viewer to power their Image Connect solution for the legal industry. Full article 

  • Securecare Case Study; Atalasoft DotImage Powers Industry's First Fax-Based Healthcare Solution
    The developers at Securecare used DotImage Document Imaging to turn faxes into annotated patient records. Users only need an internet browser and do not need any plug-ins at all. Full article 

  • ProShooters LLC Case Study; Using Atalasoft DotImage WinForms
    David Cardinal of ProShooters uses DotImage Photo Pro to enhance imaging functionality in their professional digital photography application, DigitalPro. Full article 

  • PrinterNet Case Study; Atalasoft DotImage Replaces Four Imaging Toolkits in Creation of Document Management Solution for EMG Music Clearance
    The team at PrinterNet used DotImage Document Imaging and Advanced Document Cleanup to meet their client's CMS needs. PrinterNet replaced four imaging toolkits with Atalasoft's DotImage to create a document management solution for EMG Music Clearance, getting rid of 100 hours of work per week in sorting through paper documents. Full article 

  • A Complete Digital Imaging Solution for MDTablet, LLC – Atalasoft DotImage, DotTwain, and DotAnnotate Fulfill All Requirements
    The development Team at MDTablet uses DotAnnotate and DotImage Document Imaging for their healthcare medical records management software, serving many hospitals and doctors. Full article 

  • LinkedHealth uses DotImage to reduce development time
    Todd Oliver of LinkedHealth uses DotImage Document Imaging with DotTwain to drastically reduce development time for a custom Healthcare Imaging/Scanning solution. Full article 

  • Ebsco Case Study; Ajax-Enabled Imaging Transforms Business Process
    EBSCO’s team of developers use the Atalasoft DotImage toolkit to add image viewing and document workflow capabilities to their in-house applications used to automate internal processes. Full article 

  • The College of Charleston uses DotImage to create a Document Management System
    William Morgenweck of the College of Charleston uses DotImage Document Imaging to create a Document Management System saving up to one million dollars over an off the shelf solution. Full article 

  • Atalasoft DotImage Powers a Digitized Invoice Module for an Enterprise Resource Planning System
    Monitor Industriutveckling AB from Sweden used DotImage Document Imaging and the included DotTwain SDKs to create an invoice module for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Full article 

  • Atalasoft Powers Cad/Cam's Medical X-Ray Web Image Viewing
    Cad/Cam Services, Inc. used DotImage and the DICOM codec to create a Medical X-Ray web image viewer so doctors can see diagnostic-quality reads from anywhere. Full article 

  • How Templatezone uses Atalasoft DotImage
    Templatezone uses DotImage for photo editing and annotations in their High Impact eMail 5 product. Full article 

  • Iowa State University & US Department of Agriculture Case Study: Atalasoft DotTwain Facilitates Implementation of Remote Sensing Survey Application
    To streamline the scanning and consistent naming of thousands of aerial photographs, developers at CSSM chose to write a custom scanning application leveraging the .NET Framework and DotTwain to build their application quickly and efficiently. Full article 

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