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    A Complete Digital Imaging Solution for MDTablet, LLC – Atalasoft DotImage, DotTwain, and DotAnnotate Fulfill All Requirements

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    MDTablet ScreenShot ThumbMDTablet, LLC has developed an Electronic Medical Record system for physicians primarily to be used on a Tablet PC. It is a replacement for the paper charts currently used by physicians, and provides functionality to provide better medical treatment for their patients. The dilemma MDTablet was faced with during development was that there were many documents that must be brought into the system to become part of the patient’s digital record such as referral letters, lab results, x-rays, insurance cards, etc. Once the documents were brought into the system, medical staff needed the additional ability to annotate these images.

    Tim Cummings, Development Manager of MDTablet, LLC said, "It was estimated it would take at least several months to implement the basic imaging needs of our product. Our business is providing medical software, not developing imaging solutions. The Atlasoft DotImage Document Imaging suite allowed us to stay focused on our core business and with very little work, implement all our imaging needs."

    "The DotTwain component allowed us to easily create an interface for our users to scan their documents. Within the DotImage component library, the easy to use ThumbnailViewer and ImageViewer controls allowed us to create an intuitive display for displaying our digital images. Finally, with the DotAnnotate component, we could provide our users an easy way to annotate their images. Most exciting to us was the launch of DotAnnotate 1.1 which supports Digitial Ink and is perfectly suited for the Tablet PC environment. The Atalasoft DotImage Document Imaging suite was truly a complete imaging solution for our needs."

    Native .NET Imaging

    When choosing an imaging solution, it was important to MDTablet that the 3rd party product it chose be easily integrated into the application. "MDTablet was designed on the .NET framework, so developing in a native .NET environment was important to us. Atalasoft’s use of managed assemblies allowed us to easily integrate their product into our application in a few short weeks. When it comes to competitive pricing, it’s robust features, and its ease of use, Atalasoft can not be beat", said Tim Cummings.

    Customer Support

    MDTablet has found the customer support provided to them to be superior. Tim Cummings stated, "I have worked with many software vendors during my career. The customer service provided by Atalasoft is top notch. They provide timely and thorough answers, and their support has been invaluable to us. They truly have been a pleasure to work with."

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