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When just one watermarked image simply isn't enough

    Finally, the Atalasoft Batch Watermarker, the cure to all your watermarking woes! With this application, you no longer need to spend hours toiling in Photoshop repeating the same action over and over again! No more--::Mute::


Batch Watermarker


While this application might not be that ultimately useful, it stands to save some intern a lot of time, or even you a lot of time. As someone new here at Atalasoft, I have been astounded with what we have to offer. The Atalasoft toolkit is so mind-blazingly fast; both in running speed and developer time.

Three lines of code to allow the user to select any supported format image and display it in a Windows form: Two lines of code to perform an operation on it: One line of code to save the image in any supported format. The basic image processor is 6 lines of code.

I designed this 31 app to show off the ability to use DotImage to do many steps of photoshop style processing (that noone really wants to do by hand) automatically. Simply point the watermarker at a folder containing jpgs, configure your watermark in real time, and select Apply Watermark, and another folder is created containing all the images with your watermark applied.

Give the Atalasoft Batch Watermarker a try!
Feel free to check out my source code

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Published Monday, May 05, 2008 9:10 AM by Kevin Hulse



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