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Welcome to the 14th of 31 applications we will post (in addition to the contest participants' submissions). Make sure you add this blog to your RSS / Atom feed and check the gallery for summaries of all the apps as they are released. 

The Web PDF Library Search Application allows you to quickly search a large library of PDF files stored on your web server. After it displays the results of your search you can simply click on a page number to be taken to that page. On that page the search text will be highlighted.

In this instance I have a fairly large set of Project Gutenberg files available to search. After downloading the app you will need to provide your own set of pdf files. To do this put your set of PDF files in the "Library" directory. On the first page load they will be automatically indexed.



The source given here was not completely up to date and contained a couple of bugs not in the final version. The Source Download link has been updated to link to the final version.


Another Update:

When I built this, I used the Web Application project type in Visual Studio 2005. It has come to my attention that not all types of Distributions of 2005 come with the functionality required to create or open Web Application Projects. In order to add this functionality you must download and install the following:

1) Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - Update to Support Web Application Projects
2) Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project Option

After installing these two updates, the PDF LibrarySearch should open and run without issue.

Download The Source.

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