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June 2009 - Posts

Joining SharePoint server to a different domain

Once upon a time I had to join a workgroup-based SharePoint test server to a domain. SharePoint wonderland is like 4th dimension – it is full of unexpected and no task is trivial for naive 3D creature. Jake and Dave referred me to a magical “15-step”

My solution for unit testing concurrent code in NUnit

I blogged recently about testing parallel code in NUnit. I think I settled with requirements: I want to use threads; I want to use assertions in threads; I want to control how threads step on each other; Too bad that solutions I tested did not fit 100%.
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Techniques for testing concurrent code in NUnit

Last time I blogged about a way to make concurrent unit tests deterministic. This time I’d like to focus on the technical aspects, namely NUnit . Let us start with the following test: [Test] public void TestThread() { int n = 0; var thread1 = new Thread(()
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Thinking aloud: concurrent Unit tests

While working on conversion service for VizitSP , I run once again into unit testing the concurrent code. The problem is not new, yet I did not see 100% solution yet. The difficulty is coming from the fact that unit tests are deterministic to the bone
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