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ILMerge and ConfigurationSection

Note to self: dearest Dan! If you happen to use ILMerge with an exe file, please make sure you check the app.config file. Why?  Well, suppose you have a custom settings section in your app.config, just like this: < configSections > < sectionGroup
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Bitten by Kerberos

The Kerberos, or Cerberus in Latin, a multithreaded multi-headed dog with tail of serpent heads, the hellhound, who used to guard the gates of Hades behind the river of Styx to keep the dead ancient Greek people dead in the kingdom of Shadows. Once Kerberos

Joining SharePoint server to a different domain

Once upon a time I had to join a workgroup-based SharePoint test server to a domain. SharePoint wonderland is like 4th dimension – it is full of unexpected and no task is trivial for naive 3D creature. Jake and Dave referred me to a magical “15-step”

Thinking aloud: concurrent Unit tests

While working on conversion service for VizitSP , I run once again into unit testing the concurrent code. The problem is not new, yet I did not see 100% solution yet. The difficulty is coming from the fact that unit tests are deterministic to the bone
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Deploying debug assemblies in the GAC

Don’t ask me why, but at some point I ended up with the necessity of having debug assemblies in the GAC. OK, if you still ask, it is about SharePoint remote debugging. After dragging-and-dropping PDBs and DLLs for 651th time I almost started feeling an
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