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Start menu context annoyances

Recently, I've been posting more about Windows Tips'n Tricks.  Along that theme, I recently solved a problem that was another thorn in my side.

I often will use the context menu in the Start->All Programs menu to get at the shortcuts in my Start menu.  I use a custom toolbar folder to hold all my shortcuts, so that I can easily edit and save them, then restore.

For some reason, that context menu was broken and I just had a bit of time to search out the cause.

There's a really great tool out there called WhoLockMe that is a context menu add-on that will tell you which process has locked a file or folder/directory.  Since we save a lot of files on network shares, and often those files update, a lock by a user holds up the works!  You can quickly determine which PID has a lock on that file, and kill it or make sure it get's cleaned up properly.  Awesome tool!

Problem: WhoLockMe is one of many programs (apparently AVG is also one of them) that puts this context-sensitive menu item in for items that appear on the start menu.  Personally, I think that's pretty silly since they're mostly shortcuts.  At any rate, I don't need to do much directly on the items in the menu itself, but I want the Open or Explore links to actually WORK!

Solution: There are a few keys in the registry that manage which extensions handle what context menu (ContextMenuHandler, go figure).  The one that worked for me lived in


Deleting the WhoLockMe key immediately (without reboot) cleared up my problem.  You should probably export the keys before deletion in case that's not the culprit.

Published Monday, October 06, 2008 10:19 AM by dterrell
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