Over the weekend I took time away from family to go geek out Microsoft style at Code Camp 9 in Waltham, MA. 


The talks were pretty much all geared towards introductory business application development.  It certainly would be nice if Microsoft could convince more of the local academic community that they're funding research for to come and make an appearance like they did for remix07. 

I was also surprised that there was not a single talk on F#.  With all the hype I've been seeing on it over the past few months I would've expected to see one session about it, guess it hasn't come up on the big business application developer's radar yet -- guess I'll have to pony up, and give a talk next time.  

One thing that should be a no brainer at any conference -- wireless access.  Please make it available to everyone.  The only way I could get it was to ask a presenter to give me their key.  Which would be against the rules, and morally wrong.  So, no internet for us.    


That said, I would definitely go again. 


The talks I went to:

Day One --  

1.   Index Optimization and Performance Tuning --

     The crux of the talk was indexing speeds things up...  However in the discussion of when to normalize/denormalize it struck me through that it all might be best handled with a stochastic model. Looks like others have had the same idea some time ago.  A small bit of searching dug up 1 & 2 (you'll need a JSTOR account to read these).  

2.  Real World httpModules and httpHandlers --

     My original plan had been to go to ASP.Net performance, and optimization as load and performace testing here at Atalasoft is a big deal, but for what ever reason the speaker didn't show up.  I ended up at Chris Love's talk instead.  I generally liked his format, start with a simple example to show its basic stuff, start extending, make a few mistakes along the way to show pitfalls, then end it all with a useful example.  Well done indeed.

3. An introduction to game development with XNA --

    A complete Pong in 40 minutes.  Yep, you heard me.  Just about went out and bought an xbox 360 after it was all over with.  Not to mention that Chris Bowen is a great, informative, and enteraining speaker. 

 4. WPF means business II --

     Found out about a nice little dubugger for wpf apps called mole debugger.

5.  Object relational mapping with nHibernate --

     This brough back memories of last summer for me.  Spent three months writing a whole bunch of xml to connect all the data layers of this project I was working on.  But really, this is good stuff... Really... I mean it.

6.  Big data: Managing terabytes with MS sql server --

     Throw hardware at it, and you problems magically disappear.

Day Two --

1.  Building a state machine workflow --

     I was really hoping for some talk of formal methods here, but it ended up being all about MS workflow.  Which is kinda neat.

2.  TDD with testdriven and nUnit --  

    I was totally amazed that when the speaker asked "Who is agile, and uses test driven development?"  that the only three people in the room to raise their hands were from Atalasoft -- shocking stuff.  The talk was good though, but then again, he was certainly preaching to the choir.