I discovered the Working Smarter blog a few months ago. It’s geared towards users of SmartDraw, but a lot of their advice is useful whatever drawing software you use (I use Visio, mostly because of the SharePoint integration).

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite Working Smarter posts on process documentation:

How to Capture Business Processes: Explains the process of capturing processes, with examples.

Why Businesses Need Processes

Here's a quick theoretical for you: you have a team with two employees assigned to identical tasks. At the end of each day, the outcomes of each employee's tasks are completely different from the others; how do you measure the quality of that team's performance?

Is Your Work a Process? Here’s Why It Should Be: Covers the benefits of process documentation

I am working on more formal capture of our best practices, with the goal of automating as much as possible (through existing tools or SharePoint workflows), and will document tips here.