I am down in Bloomfield, CT today at Hartford CodeCamp which has been put on by the Connecticut .NET Developer's Group. I just gave a very similar version my talk on the 5th. The room was completely full and I was a bit weak and foggy from my recent illness but with my audience's help I was able to pull together with a decent presentation. I am really happy with how things went and can't wait to visit another code camp to talk about F# with more developers. 

A big thanks to the attendees for being so friendly and also to the Hartford CodeCamp staff and sponsors for putting such a great code camp on.

My slides and code examples are available here

The sites of interest for my presentation:
F#'s Microsoft Research Site
( Download F# here. )
hubFS: THE place for F# ( The forums here are a great resource. )

Here are some additional links you might find interesting:
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