I'll be at New England Code Camp 10 tomorrow giving another talk about functional programming and concurrency in F#.  It will be fairly similar to my previous talks in terms of ideas and content, however, I have put a lot of work into making the functional programming ideas easier to understand. The code samples have also been updated and are now 100% compatible with the F# CTP Release.

Our internet connection is going down soon for testing. I'll be updating this post later on tonight with more information. I'll be posting my slides and updated code examples.

I did manage to get my slides and new code samples uploaded on Friday but I didn't have time to change my blog text. You can find them here.

The sites of interest for my presentation:
Microsoft's F# Developer's Center
( Download F# here. )
F#'s Microsoft Research Site
hubFS: THE place for F# ( The forums here are a great resource. )

Here are some additional links you might find interesting:
Don Syme's Blog

Robert Pickering's Blog
Matthew Podwysocki's Blog
My F# Ant Colony Work