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Windows Mobile Resources

I've been working on a Windows Mobile App at home for fun and thought I'd post some of the resources that I used in building this app:

.NET Compact Framework Sample Code from Microsoft

 Windows Mobile 5.0 Sample Code from Microsoft

Deploying Your .NET CF Application

 (Important note - the instructions in here are incorrect when it comes to working with temp files and a temp directory.  When building the MSI there isn't a clear way to get the the correct location of the current user's temp folder.  The code in the sample ends up going to Windows\System32\Temp in XP - which is not writable from an installer.  My solution was to make a folder in the user's documents folder and use that instead)

CodeProject article on Deployment

Deployment Walkthrough 


Security Manager Power Toy

 UI Design for Pocket PC and SmartPhone

 Windows Mobile 5 New Feature Overview


Published Tuesday, February 06, 2007 11:56 AM by Steve Hawley


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