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WorldComp and IPCV 08 Day 1

I'm blogging from the road in Vegas and posting this from my phone. I'm using Opera on a WM6 device and it seems to work admirably. Our flight was delayed on the outbound side so we ended up getting 4 hours of sleep in a hotel in Milwaukee before heading on to Vegas. After a few hotel snafus, we got in to catch the last keynote about reconfigurable computing. Nifty work. A few notes in no particular order: * It's nice to see such a diverse crowd. This is truly an international conference. * The material has been fairly fascinating and there are some interesting topics. I can totally see how to create digital watermarks in images based on one of the talks, so if you need that as an Atalasoft customer, let me or sales know. * Saw some interesting work on fingerprint recognition that would apply to document binarization. * Found myself asking critical questions in nearly every session. It's good to geek out. * At the conference dinner, Rick and I picked our table and companions more or less at random and had some good partners. Time to clean up for day 2.
Published Tuesday, July 15, 2008 9:43 AM by Steve Hawley


Tuesday, July 15, 2008 2:28 PM by Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland

# IPCV 08' Day One Through One Point Five Rundown

As you might have seen in Steve's Blog , we ended up getting stranded in Milwaukee overnight and missed

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