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WorldComp and IPCV 08 Day Three

The length of the conference is certainly taking its toll. Between the long days, my body has been trying wake me up in a different time zone. Day three was dedicated to multimedia and compression. There were a number of talks that were beyond my attention span but looked worth investigating more. We also cross-pollinated a little more and looked at conferences outside of imaging, including research to try to read emotion from spoken words. There was one talk that was short and sweet which was a small bit of research to determine if compression of data for transmission is worth the cost in energy. I found it in triguing that for a particular class of processor the cost of an ADD instruction is 85 nanojoules. The idea is to determine if the cost of battery power used in running the code to compress and subsequently transmit the data is less than the cost of transmitting uncompressed data on its own. Rick and I had a nice talk with him afterwards.
Published Thursday, July 17, 2008 9:53 AM by Steve Hawley


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