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WorldComp and IPCV 08 Day 4 - Wrap Up

Day 4 was the last day and for me it was a blur. There were a number of sessions that were missing half their speakers, and my eyes were starting to glaze over from some of the talks that featured a 'wall of math'. One talk that stood out was a math professor who was spearheading an effort to create open source code to cleanly and efficiently process images from ultra low-cost CCD cameras. He explained the problem domain very well. It really made it clear as to why most cheap camera output looks like garbage. I did my presentation in the last slot on the last day. I can't say I was happy about the timing, but you gotta dance with them what brung ya. I tried to make the best of it by bringing candy to the talk and to put as much energy into it as possible. My thought was that the people who stuck through this should get rewarded, not punished for sticking with it. I felt the talk went well and I think I'll put together several blogs about how to present a technical paper. I can't say that I'm an expert, but having taught middle and some high school, I did get some good experience explaining the technical to those who were on the edge of understanding.
Published Friday, July 18, 2008 11:31 AM by Steve Hawley


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