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PDC Day 0

After some unusual flight conditions and horrible airport UI, I managed to get to Los Angeles for PDC.  The first day, I spent and entire day in a session about multiprocessing.  This was a very good session with a lot of good information.  From it, I think I can take our existing commands that implement IThreadableCommand and use a better set of tools to ensure that the parallelism is more efficient and more reliable.  IThreadableCommand is our approach to making image processing parallel.

 During a break in the session, I had the chance to speak with Joe Duffy, one of thre presenters, and was happy to get a quick piece of brainshare from him.  Thanks, Joe, and thanks for a copy of your book on multiprocessing.

Published Monday, October 27, 2008 2:23 PM by Steve Hawley


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# From the front lines: PDC Day 0

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