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PDC Day 1

The big presented at the keynote was cloud computing.  In MS' view, cloud computing is heavyweight, consistent, reliable support of distributed ASP.NET applications.  They've tried to make the process of running and upgrading apps as robust as possible.  The development tools are familiar, but tight integration could and should be better.  Debugging works well on a "desktop cloud", but there is no support for anything but logging in the real cloud.  This is a 30 year step backwards.

The conference itself is very busy.  The cloud session overflowed twice - ie, it filled to capacity the main room and two other rooms with video feeds.

Met up with Stephen Toub at the reception and talked about image processing and multiprogramming.  I was happy to see the interest.

Published Tuesday, October 28, 2008 2:31 PM by Steve Hawley


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