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Nothing about imaging or engineering today.

I was looking at Jason Kottke’s blog to dig up this little gem:

The robots.txt file for whitehouse.gov for the Bush administration was at nearly 2400 lines or roughly 1 new block per day.

The robots.txt file for whitehouse.gov for the Obama administration is currently at 2 lines.

We’ll see how it grows.

At any rate, Jason Kottke has a link about a T-Mobile commercial.  It was interesting to watch, but I had this feeling that I had seen it before.  Terry Gilliam had done that in 1991 for The Fisher KingHere’s Gilliam’s work.  Look and compare for yourself.  There’s a lot of similarities, but a stark contrast in tone.

Published Thursday, January 22, 2009 9:29 AM by Steve Hawley
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