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Clean Up Day

I’ve been working on a bunch of applied research projects that I would love to talk about – but you know the nature of the game: I have to keep these under wraps.

Whenever I do work of this nature that isn’t necessarily for general consumption, I keep in in My Documents in the Visual Studio project folder where it was created by default.  I also am more careful about my backups.  For backups, I use Macrium Reflect, which has performed admirably.  I should consider getting the full version that does incremental backups, but since I don’t, it means that every backup image includes all the obj files and assemblies that are kicking around my projects.  I was about to start on an app to do that work, but a quick trip to CodeProject turned up a tool to specifically clean up Visual Studio workspaces.  Hooray!  I built it, ran it and lopped of 7G of space hanging around doing nothing.

Published Friday, November 06, 2009 10:54 AM by Steve Hawley


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