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Hey Mike Commodore, Please Do It!

Just saw this on Deadspin: Mike Commodore has just signed a contract with the Detroit Red Wings and is considering taking the number 64 for his Jersey.


This is what it would look like (thanks to shop.nhl.com for making this so easy to do).  Mike – you need to do this.  Heck, even Puck Daddy is collecting pledges of $64 to donate to a charity of Mike’s choice if he does take the number.

Sadly, there are no current NHL players named ‘Vic’ or ‘Vick” who could take the ice with him wearing #20.  Then again, as was said in this comment on Metafilter, “Every time someone bumped into him, he'd forget what he was doing.”

Published Friday, July 08, 2011 10:49 AM by Steve Hawley


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