EyeBatch 1.0 - 1.6.6

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    EyeBatch 1.0 - 1.6.6

    1.6.6 10/5/01 (1,429 Kb)

    • Fixed bug introduced in 1.6.5 which prevented EyeBatch from loading with certain Win98 and WinME systems

    • Fixed bug that caused EyeBatch to remain loaded in the background when SliceImage was used in command mode

    • Added "Best Fit" option for resize operation. This will choose the size dimensions that best fit the aspect ratio of the image. Best used to resize a mix of portrait and landscape images to the same relative size.

    • Added "Set Aspec Ratio" Image Operation. This allows images to be modified by cropping, adding canvas, or resizing to the closest given aspect ratio

    1.6.5 9/13/01 ()

    • Added ability to resize with proportions to minimum dimensions. This allows images to be resized, then cropped to a specified width and height.

    • Added preference that loads last used script

    • command line processing sends error message to log if zero images are processed

    1.6.4 7/12/01 (1,415 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed problem reading some 8-bit Bitmaps

    • Fixed problem with the command line not incrementing the filename counter

    • Fixed minor UI bug with "Add Border" which would always center border when calling settings form

    1.6.3 7/8/01 (1,455 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed installation incompatibilites with Netscape 6

    • Improved Autobrightness allowing user threshold selection

    • Added ability to rename image without autonumbering

    1.6.2 6/9/01 (1,373 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed minor bug that mistakingly labeled the preview image as 32 bit when it was actually saving as 24 bit

    • Fixed minor bug when using "add border" or "resize canvas" on an image with transparency

    • Now able to read 48 and 64 bit images

    1.6.1 5/29/01 (1,646 Patch)

    • Fixed bug that caused EyeBatch to crash when reading certain JPEG images (in particular with images saved in Photoshop). This bug surfaced in version 1.6.0.

    1.6.0 5/20/01 (1,252 Patch)

    • Can write 1-bit PNG, BMP, and GIF images

    • Can write 4-bit PNG, BMP, and GIF images

    • Can write 1 through 8 bit GIF images

    • 8-bit PNG images with [256 colors compress much better

    • Added EXIF Date or Date Modifed to image preview information in "Select Images" form

    • File Size displayed in bytes when <10 Kb

    • Minor bug fixes

    1.5.1 5/11/01 (1,252 Patch)

    • Minor fix for image overlay and text watermark

    1.5.0 4/29/01

    • GIF and LZW TIF image support

    • PNG transparency support

    • Much improved drop shadow

    • New Background Overlay

    • New Mask Overlay (replaces Image Fade)

    • Improved Text Watermark

    • Improved Image Overlay

    • Improved 8-bit image support

    • PNG Optimization

    • New Color Levels Image Operation

    • New Text File Image Operation

    • New Split Channels Image Operation

    • Many Other smaller changes

    • More info [a href="EB_Beta.html"]here[/a]

    v1.4.2 3/4/01

    • Fix for EXIF Date/Time Field broken is v1.4.1

    • Some EXIF fields were returning 0 for certain cameras. Fixed

    v1.4.1 3/1/01

    • Fixed problem with EXIF, each field was DateTime

    v1.4.0 2/25/01

    • Enhanced User Interface (can now adjust width of preview and image selections)

    • Improved EXIF integration

    • More powerful special fields (fields prior to v1.4 are obsolete)

    • Add text comments to JPEG and PNG images

    • Improved speed with text watermarking

    • Thumbnails can now be saved in a different output folder

    • Thumbnail operation more powerful (now an all-in-one function)

    • Filename can have special fields

    v1.3.3 2/13/01 (1,718 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed error message when EyeBatch completes processing in command line mode

    v1.3.2 2/5/01 (1,718 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed problem loading scripts prior to 1.3 which set the JPEG smoothing factor to 100 until modified

    • Fixed problem with JPEG transforms referencing an old library not distributed with v1.3

    • Enhanced Dithering effect in Apply Palette Function

    • Improved Colorize Function

    v1.3.1 2/03/01 (1,702 Kb Patch)

    • Improved speed of many image operations

    • Improved speed when loading

    • Changed default preview options so that the preview image must be explicitly changed. A "Set Preview Image" menu item and button were added to easily change the preview image. Can be changed back to old default in preferences.

    • Added "Reset Preview Image" menu item which resets back to default image.

    • Added ability to write sub-folders

    • Added JPEG smoothing to further optimize JPEG file size

    • Added support for WBMP (wireless bitmap) images

    • Added many resizing filter methods

    • Added Apply Palette image operation

    • Form can now be resized to 640x480 resolution

    • Fixed a bug with Win2000 that occasionally caused application error when exiting

    • Fixed EyeBatch icon. Now looks reasonable at 16 or 256 colors.

    v1.2.5 1/7/01 (1,618 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed bug when using Command Line Processing with NT4.0 or Win2000

    • Improved speed of listing many files by about 20%

    v1.2.4 12/28/00 (1,620 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed bug when using JPEG transform and convert an image to a JPEG at the same time

    v1.2.3 12/28/00 (1,620 Kb Patch)

    • Improved Error Handling

    • Eyedropper cursor now appears when selecting color in Replace Color form

    • Improved speed when selecting many files

    v1.2.2 12/19/00 (1,670 Kb Patch)

    • Added Smart JPEG Processing in Preferences menu. This is useful for resizing a bunch of JPEG's to a certain size. JPEG Images that are not effected by this will be copied to the output directory instead of re-saved.

    • Added a new color picker

    • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Stretch Histogram (did nothing before)

    • Selected Image List did not sort properly. Fixed.

    • PNG Gamma was rounding to the nearest whole integer. Fixed.

    • Improved speed of JPEG transformations (previously unecessarily loaded image into memory)

    v1.2.1 12/11/00 (1,590 Kb Patch)

      Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed problem reading EMF and WMF images

    • Fixed problem when source and destination images are the same during JPEG Transformation

    • Fixed error message on NT machines when displaying directory listing of some images

    v1.2.0 12/10/00 (1,590 Kb Patch)

    • Significantly improved process of selecting images

      • Added ability to select images from current folder and all subfolders

      • Increased speed of selecting images

      • Improved sorting capability (can now sort selected images in many ways)

      • Added an input filter

      • Added ability to reposition listboxes with a splitter

    • Modified procedure for image output settings

      • Added a command button for image output settings

      • Removed "Output Settings" and "Convert Image Type" from Image operations

      • Ability to prevent saving output image (useful with thumbnail and filename commands)

      Bug Fix:

      • Fixed bug that positioned EyeBatch off the screen on startup when the user closed it while minimized

    v1.1.1 11/24/00 (1,611 Kb Patch)

      Bug Fixes:
    • Custom Filter: Fixed bug that caused error message (ISource.dll is missing)

    • Fixed bug when viewing an image caused EyeBatch to crash under very rare circumstances

    • JPEG Transform: Fixed bug when viewing JPEG Transform settings

    • Image Overlay: Overlayed image was not fitting image properly when resize proportially was chosen

    • Transparent background for icons in "Choose Images" has been fixed

    • Added a "refresh" to the image treeview and listview when right clicking

    • Added ability to cycle through and preview all selected images by clicking a button or menu option

    • Improved error handling

    v1.1.0 11/20/00 (1,608 Kb Patch)

    • Added the following features:

      • Auto Crop

      • Auto Brightness

      • Despeckle Filter

      • Median Cut Filter

      • Equalize Histogram

      • Stretch Histogram

      • Adjust Gamma

      • Channel Swap

      • Lossless JPEG Transformations

    • Fixed problem when selecting "Rename Image" from "Filename"

    • Fixed problem with Emboss Filter. Previously "Other Channels"
    • value was set
      to black. Not working properly. This only applies to unselecting one or more
    • Fixed problem with preview image not centering when resizing form when in the
      "choose images" tab or when first running the program.

    • Fixed Licensing issues with Bulk Installation version

    v1.0.20 11/06/00 (458 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed bug when using EXIF parameters in Text Watermark and the image did not contain any EXIF info. Caused an infinite error loop.

    • Creates "RegCode.txt" file that contains registration information for system dependent installations. Registration form now displays reg codes.

    • After image operation is initially selected and user cancels setting form, the image operation is removed from list. (more intuitive approach)

    • Added pop-up menu's in selected image operation list

    • Fixed problem that did not generate a correct preview image when selecting "resize" and a few other operations

    • Fixed problems with bulk licensing version patching to the standard version and unable to be distinguished from the standard version.

    • Added a default preview image in application path

    Known Issues:

    • Users of EyeBatch bulk licensing 1.0.19 (initial release) must download the latest patch from atalasoft.com as opposed to using the web update in the application, otherwise the application will be patched to the standard version and bulk reg codes will not function. (Just download and install the EyeBatch bulk patch if this happens)

    • Extracting EXIF parameters out of images stored in a long directory path (more then about 50 characters) will cause an error. Temporary workaround is to move the images into a path that has fewer characters.

    v1.0.19 10/19/00 (1,580 Kb Patch)

    • Fixed some minor errors

    • Released version

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