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  • Code Camp 12: Boston – Why F#?

    A couple of months ago I was talking to Lou Franco, the head of our Software Engineering department and fellow functional programming enthusiast, about the possibility of using F# for projects in the future.  Being business minded, he replied that he would need a compelling reason to bring F# on board.  This presentation is dedicated to ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on October 16, 2009
  • Let’s Wax Functional 03/06/2009

    This week we have MapReduce, WebTools and yet another F# to C# language comparison.  I spent yesterday at a seminar led by Michael de la Maza.  He, Talbot Crowell and I will soon be starting a F# user’s group in Boston, Massachusetts.  I’m interested in any comments you might have.  Please feel free to send me an email if you ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on March 7, 2009
  • Functional Discoveries in the Microsoft Sociocosm 02/20/2009

    This week we have practical examples of Lazy Evaluation with Memoization, an interview with Don Syme and a discussion on the Visitor Pattern’s place in F#.  Also, any comments on the new title for my weekly posting would be appreciated.   Forum – Memoization and Lazy Evaluation in F# on HubFS In this thread brianmcm (Brian ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on February 20, 2009