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  • KeepAlive for the DotImage WebImageViewer

    Recently, I posted an article describing a simple way to keep a session alive during long periods of inactivity. That works great if your web application doesn't rely on some other information on the server to maintain state. If you use DotImage in your web app, it maintains certain state information in the AtalaCache that needs to be updated ...
    Posted to Jake Opines (Weblog) by jacobl on December 31, 2008
  • A Note Regarding YUI and the WebImageViewer

    When developing two of my applications for 31 Apps in 31 Days (here and here), I discovered an issue with using YUI with our WebImageViewer. The script tag that references the YUI js files must be inside the main form element. If it is not, the DOM of the WebImageViewer gets distroyed and multiple painful errors ...
    Posted to Jake Opines (Weblog) by jacobl on July 21, 2008
  • Queuing up Your Remote Invokes

    The WebImageViewer is a very powerful web control that we offer to our customers. It does a lot of work for you behind the scenes to make the experience as application-like as possible. It even takes that a step further with the RemoteInvoke method and RemoteInvoked event by providing customers with the ability to make server-side function calls ...
    Posted to Jake Opines (Weblog) by jacobl on June 24, 2008
  • Full-Screening your WebImageViewer

    Last week, I posted 2 web apps (here and here) as part of our 31 Apps in 31 Days promotion. They both have one thing in common (outside of the fact that they're online): being full screen WebImageViewers. There are a few hoops that you need to hop through to make it happen, and this article will walk you through it. 1. Create a new Web Site ...
    Posted to Jake Opines (Weblog) by jacobl on May 27, 2008
  • Brightness and Contrast setting when displaying JPEG images using the WebImageViewer.

    Is there a way that I can set brightness and contrast using the WebImageViewer.  I have looked at the ApplyCommand, but it does not jump out what the command is.  I have tried searching both on-line help and the PDF document for developers and the two words Brightness and Contrast seems missing. Any help or guidance is ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by Bjarne on April 8, 2008
  • Implement PDF Raster Client Side

    I think the subject speaks for itself, but I'll ask anyway. How do I implement PDF viewing on the clientside?  Thanks
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by sr99 on February 20, 2008
  • Browser Based Multi-Page TIFF processing

    My objective is to write a browser based application to do the following: Load one or more multi-page TIFF images from a directory Allow viewing, reordering, and rotating of pages Split or group ranges of pages into their own multi-page TIFF (or insert separator page to designate start of a new section/document) Preferably use a TreeView to ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by buskins on February 6, 2008
  • How to add brightness and contrast control in aspx

    Hi, I am designing web custom control page (ascx). How to add brightness and contrast control on ascx?And also how to use that custom control in ascx from aspx page through javascript?Thanks,   
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by Young_nacs on May 8, 2007