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  • Re: How do I apply commands in client script?

    That works great for me. But when I just change:  <input type=''button'' value=''Rotate 90'' onclick=''Rotate(90);''> to: <input type=''image'' src=''./DynamicData/Content/Images/TurnRight.ico'' value=''Rotate 90'' onclick=''Rotate(90);'' /> It doesn't Why is that?
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by aroeder on January 5, 2009
  • Queuing up Your Remote Invokes

    The WebImageViewer is a very powerful web control that we offer to our customers. It does a lot of work for you behind the scenes to make the experience as application-like as possible. It even takes that a step further with the RemoteInvoke method and RemoteInvoked event by providing customers with the ability to make server-side function calls ...
    Posted to Jake Opines (Weblog) by jacobl on June 24, 2008
  • Re: Page Number in Titlebar

    TitleBar is not persisted from a RemoteInvoke. You can change this property on the client side by using this: WebImageViewer1.setTitleBar('New Text Here...');
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by David Cilley on March 11, 2008
  • Implement PDF Raster Client Side

    I think the subject speaks for itself, but I'll ask anyway. How do I implement PDF viewing on the clientside?  Thanks
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by sr99 on February 20, 2008
  • Loading an image into the WebThumbnailViewer using the Open method

    Hi All,   I have downloaded, and am using, the evaluation version of DotImage 5.0d SDK w/OCR. The web application that I am writing has some design constraints that I am trying to overcome.  I want the application to look and act like the demo application found here: http://www.atalasoft.com/ajaxviewer/  The thumbnails should ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by garym on October 9, 2007
  • Re: Sync Scrolling

    As long as both of your viewers are the same size, the images that they contain are the same size, and both controls are at the same zoom level, the code below will work: <cc1:WebImageViewer ID=''WebImageViewer1'' runat=''server'' Height=''400px'' Width=''300px'' /><cc1:WebImageViewer ID=''WebImageViewer2'' runat=''server'' ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by David Cilley on September 27, 2007
  • Re: Ajax webimageviewer coding

    You will need to make sure that the code snippet you provided is placed and executed after the WebImageViewer's location in the page.  You cannot place atalaInitClientScript calls in the header because the corresponding Atalasoft .js libraries have not been referenced yet.  You will basically need to structure it like ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by David Cilley on September 5, 2007
  • Deployment time JAvaScript error

    I am displaying image on WebImageViewer and it successfully get displayed on my machine. But while deploying application on other machine which donot have Visual Studio 2005 but have .Net Framework 3.0, the image doesnot get displayed. Pls help!
    Posted to ASP.NET Imaging Discussion (Forum) by vijay08.shinde@gmail.com on August 16, 2007