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  • Roses are Red, Technical Support doesn't have to be Blue

    Before picking up the phone to call a software company's technical support, how many of these questions cross your mind? They wont talk to me until I show them the money I'll be on hold forever, just to leave a voicemail that goes unanswered I'm going to be directed to someone in India I'm going to be speaking to someone who knows less about ...
    Posted to Bill Bither's Insights (Weblog) by Bill Bither on April 18, 2008
  • Multi-Core Processor Dilemma

    Let's face it.  CPU's just aren't getting any faster anymore.  CPU's have hit a ceiling in terms of processor speed, and that ceiling seems to be at about 3Ghz.  The new thing now is packaging multiple processors in a single CPU known as multi-core processors.  Now that the cheapest of PC's include dual core's applications, ...
    Posted to Bill Bither's Insights (Weblog) by Bill Bither on February 6, 2007