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  • Discoveries This Week 01/30/2009

    The beauty of clean syntax and deep abstraction is an often overlooked feature of functional programming.  As they say, people come to functional programming for the concurrency but stay for the beautiful code (actually, I just made that up).  Also included: POPL 2009, S#arp and functional unit testing.   Blog - Matthew ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on January 30, 2009
  • F# and Haskell, Estranged Cousins

    In this post I compare and contrast Haskell and F#.  It may come as no surprise that with so much shared history they share so much in common.  However, it’s interesting to consider how the perspectives of the languages’ developers play a large role in determining the differences between the languages.   A Shared History As far ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on January 29, 2009
  • Discoveries This Week 01/09/2008

    It’s been a very exciting week.  I actually had more things to post than time would allow me to write about.  I’ll have to save them for next time.   Blog: Daniel Spiewak’s What is Hindley-Milner? (and why is it cool?) Hindley-Milner is the algorithm all these fancy programming languages like F# and Haskell for type ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on January 9, 2009
  • F# at Code Camp 10 In Waltham, MA

    I'll be at New England Code Camp 10 tomorrow giving another talk about functional programming and concurrency in F#.  It will be fairly similar to my previous talks in terms of ideas and content, however, I have put a lot of work into making the functional programming ideas easier to understand. The code samples have also been updated ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on September 19, 2008
  • More F# At Code Camp Hartford

    I am down in Bloomfield, CT today at Hartford CodeCamp which has been put on by the Connecticut .NET Developer's Group. I just gave a very similar version my talk on the 5th. The room was completely full and I was a bit weak and foggy from my recent illness but with my audience's help I was able to pull together with a decent presentation. I am ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on August 16, 2008
  • Talkin Bout' F# - Presenting at the Western Mass .NET Users's Group

    I'm going to be giving a presentation at the my local .NET User's group tonight. The goal of my talk will be to expose the audience to F# as well as some Functional Programming Ideas.  Here's a basic rundown of what the talk is about (in order): - What F# is and why it's important- A very basic rundown of F# syntax- The ease of ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on August 5, 2008
  • The Cursed History of Smalltalk in .NET

    After my last blog post, due to some of the responses, I decided to spend some time with Smalltalk.  As a DotNET developer by trade, I wanted to see what kinds of options were available for use on the CLR.  Unfortunately, out of the five different DotNET Smalltalk flavors that have been created, not a single one is still under ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on June 18, 2008
  • 10 Hours in F#: Exploring Concurrency Through An Ant Colony Simulation

    Synopsis I gave an hour long talk today, here at Atalasoft, on Concurrency in F#. It featured some slides and a small ant colony simulation to demonstrate different kinds of threading. Overall, I liked developing in F# quite a bit; however, puzzling through the interpreter errors was a brutal process indeed. You can grab my slides here and ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on April 25, 2008
  • Clojure Impressions

    Last night the wmassdevs Group hosted a Clojure presentation by Rich Hickey. Clojure was born of Rich's dissatisfaction with the current state of the concurrent programming and so was built from the ground up around the idea of making this task less painful. Previously, I had never really looked closely at Clojure but I was struck by some of the ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on March 21, 2008