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  • F# at Code Camp 10 In Waltham, MA

    I'll be at New England Code Camp 10 tomorrow giving another talk about functional programming and concurrency in F#.  It will be fairly similar to my previous talks in terms of ideas and content, however, I have put a lot of work into making the functional programming ideas easier to understand. The code samples have also been updated ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on September 19, 2008
  • The Evolution of Lambda Functions in C#

    Howard Dierking over at MSDN has a really interesting Blog post entitled ''Lambda, Lambda, Lambda!'' in which he described the evolution of the lambda function in C#. It seems fairly simple on the surface: 1.0 Introduced Delegates, 2.0 Introduced Anonymous Methods, and 3.0 Introduced Lambda Expressions. I had been wondering what made Lambda ...
    Posted to Rick Minerich's Development Wonderland (Weblog) by RickM on March 20, 2008