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CmisPropertyIds Methods

The CmisPropertyIds type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberChildrenWithProperties
A method that given a CMIS Navigation Service cmisObjectInFolderType array will return the CMIS property type for the objects in the collection.
Public methodStatic memberGetPropertyBoolean
A method to create a CMIS boolean property.
Public methodStatic memberGetPropertyDateTime
A methof to create a CMIS DateTime property.
Public methodStatic memberGetPropertyId
Method to create a CMIS property Id.
Public methodStatic memberGetPropertyInteger
A method to create a CMIS integer property.
Public methodStatic memberGetPropertyString
Returns a CMIS proerty string.
Public methodStatic memberMakeImportDocumentPropertiesList
A method to create the basic set of properties needed to create a document in a repository.
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