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Atalasoft.Annotate Namespace

Public classCode exampleAnnotateSpaceConverter
The AnnotateSpaceConverter class provides helper methods for converting from one coordinate space to another.
Public classAnnotationBinder
A SerializationBinder that remaps a default set of Atalasoft assembly and type names for annotations.
Public classCode exampleAnnotationBrush
This class describes a brush object used for drawing annotations.
Public classCode exampleAnnotationControllerNotificationEventArgs
This class provides information when the AnnotationController is sent a notification from another object.
Public classAnnotationData
This is the main annotation data class used to hold base information required by all annotations.
Public classAnnotationDataCollection
This class can be used to hold a collection of AnnotationData objects.
Public classAnnotationDataCollectionT
This class can be used to hold a collection of AnnotationData objects.
Public classAnnotationEventArgs
This class provides information for events that involve an annotation.
Public classCode exampleAnnotationFont
This class represents a font used with annotations.
Public classAnnotationImage
This class represents an image object used by AnnotationBrush and EmbeddedImageData classes.
Public classAnnotationLineCap
This class is used to define a line cap used for AnnotationPen objects.
Public classAnnotationLocationChangedEventArgs
This class is used to hold information for the LocationChanged event.
Public classAnnotationLock
This class is the default security used for annotations. It uses simple string encryption to secure annotations and keep users from being able to modify the data.
Public classCode exampleAnnotationPen
This class represents a pen object used for drawing lines of annotations.
Public classAnnotationPropertyChangedEventArgs
Contains information for a property changed event.
Public classAnnotationPropertyChangingEventArgs
This class hold information about a PropertyChanging event.
Public classAnnotationRegion
This class defines a display region used for hit testing.
Public classAnnotationSizeChangedEventArgs
This class is used to hold information about the SizeChanged event.
Public classCalloutData
Callout data used with the CalloutAnnotation.
Public classCommentData
The CommentData class is used for adding comments to other annotations, but it can also be used standalone.
Public classEllipseData
Ellipse annotation data.
Public classEmbeddedImageData
Data for the EmbeddedImageAnnotation.
Public classFreehandData
Data for a FreehandAnnotation.
Public classHotSpotData
Data for a HotSpotAnnotation object.
Public classHotSpotFreehandData
Data for a hot spot freehand annotation.
Public classCode exampleLayerData
The LayerData class is used to hold a collection of AnnotationData objects, including other LayerData objects, allowing the annotations to be organized into layers.
Public classLineData
This class holds data for the LineAnnotation.
Public classLinesData
This class holds information for the LinesAnnotation.
Public classMirrorEventArgs
This class is used with the OnMirrored(MirrorEventArgs) method to provide information on the mirror action.
Public classOcrRegionData
This class holds information for the OcrRegionAnnotation.
Public classPointBaseData
This abstract class is used for annotations that require a series of points to define their shape.
Public classPointFCollection
A collection of PointF objects used by points based annotations.
Public classPolygonData
Contains annotation information for a PolygonAnnotation.
Public classRectangleData
Contains information describing data for a RectangleAnnotation.
Public classReferencedImageData
The data for a ReferencedImageAnnotation object.
Public classRubberStampData
The annotation data object for a RubberStampAnnotation.
Public classSerializationInfoHelper Obsolete.
This class contains methods used when serializing or deserializing annotations.
Public classTextData
Data for a TextAnnotation.
Public classWangAttributeData
This class hold information used by the WangFormatter when serializing AnnotationData objects.
Public interfaceIAnnotationLock
The interface used to define the security when locking annotations is required.
Public interfaceIAttachableAnnotation
This interface is implemented by annotation data classes, such as CommentData, that can be attached to other annotations.
Public interfaceIHighlighter
This interface is used by AnnotationData objects to indicate that they have highlighter support. This information is used by the AnnotateViewer when burning annotations.
Public interfaceIWangCompatible
This interface is used to indicate that an AnnotationData object is WANG compatible.
Public delegateAnnotationControllerNotificationEventHandler
This delegate is used for the AnnotationControllerNotification event to send information to the AnnotationController.
Public delegateAnnotationEventHandler
This delegate is used for various events that apply to an annotation.
Public delegateAnnotationLocationChangedEventHandler
This delegate is used for the LocationChanged event.
Public delegateAnnotationPropertyChangedEventHandler
This delegate is used for the PropertyChanged event.
Public delegateAnnotationPropertyChangingEventHandler
This delegate is used for the PropertyChanging event.
Public delegateAnnotationSizeChangedEventHandler
This delegate is used for the SizeChanged event.
Public delegateMirrorEventHandler
This delegate is used for the Mirrored event.
Public enumerationAnnotateInteractMode
Specifies the user interaction mode for the AnnotationController
Public enumerationAnnotateSpace
Used to specify the coordinate space used by various methods.
Public enumerationAnnotationConfinementMode
Specifies the type of confinement used for the annotations when they are being moved or resized using the mouse.
Public enumerationAnnotationControllerNotification
Specifies the type of notification being sent to the AnnotationController.
Public enumerationAnnotationDataFormat
Specifies the format used for serialized annotation data.
Public enumerationAnnotationGripAction
Specifies the action that will be taken by the AnnotationController when a grip is dragged with the mouse.
Public enumerationAnnotationGripMode
Specifies the type of grips being used for an annotation.
Public enumerationAnnotationGripState
Specifies the state of a grip.
Public enumerationAnnotationLineCapStyle
Specifies the type of line cap for a AnnotationLineCap object.
Public enumerationAnnotationPenAlignment
Specifies the alignment of the AnnotationPen.
Public enumerationAnnotationState
Specifies the current state of the annotation.
Public enumerationAnnotationUnit
Specifies the unit of measure used for annotations.
Public enumerationChangePositionMethod
Specifies the reordering to perform on a layer or annotation.
Public enumerationCreateAnnotationMode
Specifies the annotation creation mode when calling AnnotationController.
Public enumerationDocumentRotation
Specifies the amount of rotation to apply to the document and annotations by the RotateDocument method.
Public enumerationFillType
Specifies the type of fill used by an AnnotationBrush.
Public enumerationFreehandLineType
Specifies the line type used for freehand annotations.
Public enumerationMirrorDirection
Specifies the mirror direction.
Public enumerationRectangleGrip
Specifies the position of the grip.
Public enumerationRectangleGripDisplay
Specifies the grips to display.
Public enumerationRenderDevice
Specifies the type of device annotations will be rendered on. This allows the renderer to adjust for differences in media.
Public enumerationShadowMode
Specifies the shadow mode used for text annotations.
Public enumerationUndoChange
Specifies the type of undo being performed.
Public enumerationUndoManagerAction
Specifies the actions taken when an AnnotationUndo is passed to the AnnotationControllerNotification event.
Public enumerationWangAnnotationType
Specifies the type of WANG annotation used for serialization.