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Atalasoft.Annotate.Exporters Namespace

The Atalasoft.Annotate.Exporters namespace provides objects used to export annotations to a specific format. Currently PDF is the only format supported.
Public classAnnotationDataExporter
An abstract base class that encompasses elements for exporting annotations.
Public classPdfAnnotationDataExporter
The PdfAnnotationDataExporter object is capable of taking DotImage Annotation objects and translating them into a format suitable for PDF.
Public classPdfAnnotationExportPolicy
PdfAnnotationExportPolicy is a class used to help the PdfAnnotationDataExporter select a mechanism for exporting an unknown annotation type.
Public delegatePdfUnknownAnnotationHandler
Represents a method for selecting a PdfAnnotationExportPolicy to use when an unknown annotation type is encountered.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotationEmbeddingAction
This enumeration is used to select how an unknown annotation type will be exported to pdf.